For 24 hour emergency ground search request by official agencies only, please call . . .


All other non-emergency requests or general inquiries please call the non-emergency number

(940) 326-9777

Note: Search One Rescue Team cannot respond to civilian request for search missions. If you are an individual needing assistance in locating a missing or lost person, please dial 911 or contact your local law enforcement agency. Search One will be happy to respond to their official request.

REQUESTING AGENCIES Your call to our 800 number will be returned within a few minutes. A search manager or dispatcher will be asking you for as much of the following information as you can provide . . .

1. Your agency field contact person and call back numbers. 2. Agency dispatch contact person and call back numbers. 3. Address where victim was last seen and address for rendezvous with agency contact (rural directions if required). 4. Brief missing person profile (age, gender, race, clothing, missing since and status of medical or mental profile). 5. Please be able to identify if this will be considered a high risk environment for responding units. 6. Please obtain photocopies of maps covering at least a (1) mile radius from last known position of the victim. 7. Please advise personnel on the scene to protect the area where the victim was last scene and/or resided so uncontaminated scent articles can be obtained on our arrival. Please do not attempt to collect articles.

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