Frequently Asked Questions


How do we contact you?

Call 1-800-293-7248 and leave a voice message. Please include the name of the department, call back numbers and the missing person situation.

What information should we provide you when we call?

Print the ‘Agency Information Checklist’ and provide as much information on the list as possible.

How soon will you arrive on scene?

That depends on the location. Typically, in the DFW metro area, we will have personnel on scene within one hour. Travel time will be greater for searches out of the metro area.

Is there a charge for this service?

Search One Rescue Team is funded through membership dues and donations from community sponsors, business and government agencies. Search One Rescue Team does not charge for any service or support it provides, regardless of the circumstances or location.

Search One Rescue Team
P.O. Box 294398
Lewisville, TX 75029


I don’t live in the DFW area. How can I find out about search teams in my area?

The best place to start is the National Association for Search and Rescue web page, There is a listing of search teams across the nation.


How often are you called?

In 2009 we averaged approx (8) calls per month, but averages can be misleading. Some months the call load may be light and others may see several calls per week. We have had as many as (7) in ten days before.

How often do you find someone?

When a find is made on a search our team is responsible for the find 25% of the time. The balance of the finds are made by the emergency agency or the general public and often those finds are as a result of assistance provided by Search One.


How often do you train?

We schedule a four-hour training each week and one business meeting per month. We also have optional trainings during the week for those who wish to train more often.

Where do you train?

Since our members are scattered around the DFW metro area, we try and train in a variety of locations around the metroplex.

Is there a minimum attendance requirement?

Yes. We require Mission Ready members to attend a minimum of 50% of the scheduled trainings and meetings and recruits in training are required to attend 70% of those events.

Do you have a structured training program?

Yes. All new members enter into the Flanker Training Program which teaches the basic skills needed to be a proficient searcher. Once a member completes the Flanker Program, they can begin training a K-9 or, after field experience, train to become a search manager.


How Do I Join?

To become a member of Search One, we ask that potential applicants attend at least two of our training sessions (without a K-9). You can then request an application. The application packet must be completely filled out. It includes a resume, references and an essay. The application will be reviewed and the applicant will be interviewed by team management. Once the interviews are complete, if accepted the applicant becomes a probationary member and enters the Flanker Training Program.

To attend a team training, email Pat Thorpe by clicking here or call him at (972) 989-3629.

Do I need to have any special background to become a member of SORT?

Our members come from a wide variety of backgrounds. If you are comfortable outdoors; if you are physically fit enough for an occasional five to ten mile hike; if you are capable of performing specific tasks under stressful conditions (emotional, as well as physical) and want to commit to being a part of a highly skilled professional TEAM, then there’s no problem. You will be required to take and maintain a CPR and Basic First Aid certification in addition to the team training but there are no prerequisites.

What will it cost to be a member of SORT?

Membership dues are $10.00 a month. Uniforms, training materials, etc. will cost about $250 – 500 initially. If you plan to be a dog handler eventually your expenses will be significantly higher.

I have a K-9 or I am thinking about getting a K-9 for SAR work. What do I do?

All K-9’s go through a screening process to determine their potential for SAR work. This screening as well as the entire K-9 training process is published in SORT’s K-9 Operations Manual. Check with the K-9 Training Director if you want us to evaluate your K-9. However, be advised that you will not be allowed to work your K-9 at team training, unless otherwise notified, until you have completed your Flanker Training Program and become Mission Ready.

24 hour emergency request by official agencies only

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